Training Courses

Several Sangoma Training courses are completed entirely online – these are labelled ‘Online Training’.

All other Sangoma Training courses include 2 elements:

1. Online training: After booking, students will receive several emails. One of these will include instructions to accessing Sangoma’s online training platform. This page contains course theory documents and training information.

2. Practical training & assessment: Students then attend the specialised training session with Nicola Ryan.

Qualification: Once all relevant training sessions & assessments have been submitted and passed, the student will be issued with their certificate via emails.

A Sangoma Training Certificate allows qualified therapists to obtain insurance in this specialist area. Courses are also eligible for CPD’s by practitioner associations.

Therapists are asked dress in comfortable clothes (flat shoes please!). To assist environmental management, students are also asked to bring their own cup and spoon. Sangoma will provide a range of teas, coffee and water.