Certificate in Thai Herbal Compress Massage Face, Hands & Feet (Online)


Extend the Facial, Manicure and Pedicure treatments you offer and increase your bookings!


  • Theory aspects available online at any time.
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Thai herbal compresses were once the secret tools of ancient healers and training, up until recently, could only be obtained from traditional healers in Thailand. Recently, herbal compress treatments have been incorporated into modern spa, salon and clinic treatments and the training is now exclusively available in Ireland from Sangoma. In herbal compress massage, herbs are wrapped into compresses, heated in a steamer and used in facial treatments, hand & foot massage and luxury manicure & pedicure treatments in a ‘press and release’ massage. The cotton compress has a slight exfoliation action and the combination of heat, aromatic herbs and massage has the effect of exfoliating, softening and nourishing the skin, easing respiration, sinus and hayfever conditions with camphorous herbs, soothing tired muscles, improving lymphatic and circulatory function and increasing energy work on Sen (meridian) lines and acupoints. The Face, Hand and Foot treatments can be offered to clients as stand-alone treatments, incorporated into massage, combined with other treatments such as body wraps and masks or used to upgrade existing basic treatments to luxury treatments.

The course comprises of the following units:
• Basic introduction to Thai medicine theory, Sen lines and the use of acupoints
• Physical principals of heat therapy and the body response to the use of temperature.
• Health & Safety & Hygiene considerations
• Benefits and Contraindications
• Compress use and specific compress techniques for effective face, hand and foot treatments.
• Video Demonstration of Sangoma’s signature techniques for use with Thai Herbal Compress.

• 3 test treatments & reporting
• Test Questions