Certificate in Postpartum Massage (Online)


Date: Theory and Practical course online – enrol at any time.

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The aim of this course in Postpartum Massage is to enable the practitioner to apply specific client care protocols relating to Postpartum Massage and promote improved health & quicker recovery for a new mum. As well as exploring principles of practice for adapting existing massage techniques for safe delivery of postpartum massage, it also focuses on assisting specific conditions experienced postpartum.

The course comprises of the following:
• Principles of Practice for Postpartum Massage
• Massage guidelines postpartum & consideration of physical and emotional effects postpartum
• Contraindications and precautions postpartum
• Specific pathologies/conditions experienced after the pregnancy, focusing on decreasing swelling, pain relief, balancing hormone regulation, improving sleep. improving breastfeeding, speeding healing and C-Section recovery, stress-reduction, assisting postpartum blues & depression and other relevant conditions.
• Specific after care advice and protocols for the postpartum client
• Practical Videos: Demonstration of Sangoma’s Signature Postpartum massage techniques

• 3 test treatments & reporting
• Test Questions