Certificate in Massaging Clients with Disabilities and Impairments (Online)


Date: Theory course online at any time.

Date: Practical Training Videoclips: Available in December 2021

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This course outlines the safe and effective treatment of clients with an impairment or disability, adapting the practitioners existing massage sequence to deliver a more appropriate treatment for this client type. Some additional positioning and techniques for this specialised field of massage will also be demonstrated and practiced.
In addition, specific precautions and contraindications will be clearly outlined as well as pre-treatment considerations and intake preparation & assessment protocols.
Sangoma’s exclusive course leads the practitioner step by step through each aspect of working with clients with disabilities, enabling the therapist, with practice, to become a skilled practitioner in this field.

The course comprises of the following units:
• The advanced practitioner toolbox of products and equipment
• Protocols, guidelines and procedures for working with the disabled client
• Specific precautions & contraindications
• Specific client pre-treatment preparation, intake & assessment procedures
• Additional massage products, equipment and extra unique add-on’s
• Massage preparation and adaptations to standard massage techniques
• Additional massage techniques
• Closing the treatment & aftercare

• 3 test treatments & reporting
• Test Questions