Certificate in Hot Stone Body Massage (Online)


Date: Theory and Practical course online – enrol at any time.

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Our exclusive Stone (& Shell) Massage course for the back, legs and feet is the ideal skill upgrade for Bodyworkers. As temperature dramatically enhances the results of a massage, this therapy is a very effective treatment for the client and an easier treatment for the therapist. This course, with new equipment to warm stones (and new technology to warm shells), will enable you to offer a totally portable warming treatment that takes just minutes to prepare and clean. It not only teaches the practitioner the skills to enhance the therapeutic benefits of this therapy, but also considers the wellbeing of the therapist, delivering a deep and penetrative treatment, with dramatically less pressure than a standard massage.
The result is an easier treatment for the therapist and sheer pleasure for the client – a perfect addition to the treatment menu of a therapist, spa or massage centre.

The course comprises of the following units:
• Principles of heat therapy & the body response to the use of temperature.
• Principles of Hot Stone therapy (& principles of Warm Shell therapy).
• Health & Safely and hygiene considerations & safety precautions.
• Procedures, benefits and contraindications of Warm Stone (& Warm Shell therapy).
• Practical Videos: Demonstration of Stone & Shell use and specific massage/manipulation techniques

• 3 test treatments & reporting
• Test Questions