Certificate In Eastern & Asian Head Massage (Online)


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This course is for qualified practitioners only.

This course incorporates modern chair massage techniques with Chinese, Japanese and Ayurvedic acupressure and head massage techniques. It teaches the therapist the principals and theory of those techniques and enables the therapist to competently and effectively deliver an Eastern & Asian Head Massage treatment.
After completing this course, students will be able to progress to the Advanced Acupressure Chair Massage.

The course comprises of the following units:
• Origins and History of Eastern acupressure and massage
• Eastern medicine’s approach to health – meridians, acupoints, Qi and yin & yang
• Asian medicine’s approach to health – energy lines, Marma points, Prana
• Acupressure Points and Meridians of the Head, Neck and Upper Body – significance and location
• Effects & Benefits of acupressure massage and acupoint use
• Contraindications of acupressure massage and acupoint use
• Safe use of the massage chair; Safe and effective positioning of both the client and the therapist
• Treatment Procedure, Client Care, Treatment Frequency, Documentation and Timing
• Practical Videos: Demonstration of treatment sequence and techniques: massage and acupoint work of the head, scalp, neck & upper body
• Student practice of the treatment massage and acupoint work of the head, scalp, neck & upper body

• Practical Assessment by tutor throughout the course
• 3 test treatments & reporting
• Evaluation report