Certificate in Ear Candling (Online)


Date: Theory and Practical course online – enrol at any time.

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This course is focused on enabling the practitioner to competently, safely and effectively perform the therapy of Ear Candling. Ear Candling is an excellent skill-upgrade for practitioners to add to their portfolio of treatments. The therapy delivers an effective treatment of the ears, nose and respiratory system whilst promoting deep relaxation for the client. It is essential for treatment plans to relieve ear, nose & throat conditions. The training also includes a review of common pathologies of the ear and respiratory system.

The course comprises of the following units:
• Origins and principles of Ear Candling Therapy
• Ingredients of Ear Candles, their purpose and how they work
• Revision of anatomy of the Ear; Revision of Pathologies of the Ear, Nose and Throat; Mucus
• Procedures, benefits and contraindications of Ear Candling
• Health & Safely and hygiene procedures & Client Care
• Treatment Procedure, frequency, documentation and timing
• After care advice and treatment plans
• Practical Videos: Demonstration of Sangoma’s Ear Candling treatment techniques

Assessment for qualified practitioners:
• 3 test treatments & reporting
• Test Questions