Certificate in Bamboo Massage (Online)


Date: Theory course online – enrol at any time.

Date: Practical Training Videoclips: Coming soon – Released in early 2022

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The aim of this course is to enable therapists to competently, safely and effectively perform Sangoma’s signature Bamboo body massage. In addition, therapists will be taught techniques to work on acupoints & meridian lines. The aim of the course further includes to familiarise the participant with the basic theory of Chinese medicine and its approach to health as it relates to bamboo massage.

The course comprises of the following units:
• Principles & benefits of Bamboo Massage
• Acupressure points and meridians of the body
• Bamboo sticks, their origins and properties
• Equipment and procedures for use of Bamboo sticks
• Principles of heat therapy & the body response to the use of temperature
• Health & Safely and Hygiene considerations & safety precautions
• General contraindications of Bamboo Massage & client care
• Practical Videos: Demonstration of Sangoma Training’s Bamboo Massage procedure and techniques

• 3 test treatments & reporting
• Evaluation reflection of the training and the overall effectiveness of the therapy