Diploma in Advanced Aftercare and Healthy Lifestyle Practices (Online)



  • Online training – enrol at any time.
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The aim of this online intensive post-qualification course for bodyworkers is to identify dietary, lifestyle
and supportive treatment advice for clients. Through self-directed learning, the student studies the online tutorials, completing the course by undertaking the final assessments (detailed below). Certification is achieved once the assessments are submitted and passed. The intended result is to give the practitioner confidence to offer advanced, informed homecare advice to extend & maximise treatment efficacy and encourage the client’s engagement in their own treatment.

The course comprises of the following units:
• Review of professional consultations: Client profiles & treatment plans
• The role and sources of nutrients; Macro- & Micronutrients
• Food quality and the effects of environmental pollutants & processing; GM foods
• Understanding food labelling: Health && Wellbeing promotions and guidelines
• Dietary advice & its use in client treatment plans
• Detoxing, Smoothies & Juicing and their use in client treatment plans
• Herbal Teas & their use in client treatment plans
• Healthy Snacks and their use in client treatment plans
• Lifestyle practices & their use in treatment plans: Exercise, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Meditation
• Additional wellness treatments & their use in treatment plans: Hydrotherapy, Thermal,
Steam & Mud treatments

• Client Condition Chart
• 6 test treatments & reporting